Qliktag Mobile Promotion 175% of the world has access to mobile phones. A growing percentage of these phones are smartphones carried and actively used by consumers when they are in a mall, out shopping, at a restaurant, in the cinemas and other “on the ground” locations where decisions are influenced and transactions happen. A major challenge brands & businesses have faced is how best to activate mobile marketing or mobile consumer brand engagement: build an app? use sms? use paid mobile advertising?

BuzzFactory brings you Qliktag™ Beta a revolutionary “on-location” mobile marketing, contests & promotions technology platform that enables brands to setup & execute some remarkably innovative & fresh ‘in-store’ or ‘one the ground’ contests, promotions and brand interactions with smartphone users like never before. No expensive mobile apps, no cumbersome downloads and these campaigns can be setup in minutes using the Qliktag platform to blur the lines between the physical “on location” real world mobile consumer with the digital world engaging your customers in a whole new way!

Setup & execute fun, innovative & highly interactive mobile promotions, contests and experiences in-store or on location in minutes!
Connect with mobile users in store or on location as they shop or spend time at your location which is the most opportune moment for any brand

Deliver a rich experience through communication, videos, contests, offers, product information, insights, suggestions & more
Gather invaluable customer insights, data, contact information, feedback, opinions which can be exported into spreadsheets
Push promotions, offers, coupons, prizes, incentives, discounts & increase conversions and sales
creating mobile campaigns & contests with Qliktag