Today has been a mix of excitement, nerves, fulfillment, anticipation, hope, reflection and whole lot of different emotions as we announce Buzzfactory Interactive Pvt. Ltd. better known as Buzzfactory has been acquired by Newport Beach headquartered Qliktag Software Inc. in a strategic decision to combine the innovation, technology product strength and vast business experience of the Qliktag business with the creative abilities, digital marketing domain expertise and content development capabilities of Buzzfactory and grow a stronger combined business.

As an entrepreneur, an acquisition for whatever reason you choose to consider it is the holy grail of your startup journey and although this was unexpected at this early a stage, I have an overwhelming sense of fulfillment today an equal sense of excitement and readiness to continue the journey and move ahead in this new direction since I still believe this is just the start and there is a long, long way to go.

It all started with a dream and a broad vision to go ahead and build a company that would be:

A. The kind of company I would like to work with if I were an employee

B. That is really passionate about the work we do and the journey we’re on

C. That grows beyond being about one person or a few people where we have ultimately built something of value (knowing well it’s not about an exit or an end but building something that can go on)

In that sense, this has been a milestone day to say the least. It’s been a 5 year ride for me at this point with a series of ups and downs along the way although looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. The real turning point was perhaps towards the end of 2012 which coincided with the seed funding offer from Qliktag Software as well as some really committed and driven individuals joining the team and the spell from that point has been even more exciting.  The relationship with Qliktag, the guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs as well as the natural synergy between the goals of Qliktag and Buzzfactory is what brought the discussions towards uniting the businesses and capabilities without changing the identities or core focus area of either.

Letting go of something that has been such a close dream for such a long time isn’t easy. However when you believe this is what is best for the future and the road ahead could be even more fun, it isn’t very hard either. We look forward to a new start and a lot more to come ahead!