Social media and digital marketing agency Buzzfactory today unveiled the private beta version of Qliktag an innovative new mobile marketing campaigns, promotions & contests technology platform which focuses on “in-store” or “on-location” mobile user engagement which could have a significant impact on how brands interact with consumers in the highly mobile device driven Indian consumer markets.

Qliktag a mobile engagement platform which was launched in private beta in the US just a few months ago by Mobile marketing campaigns contests and promotions software platform“When you walk into a store or a restaurant you don’t want to have to spend time download yet another app. With Qliktag, we’re offering a platform that lets you (as a brand or business) create your very own interactive mobile experience, contest or promotion for your customers without having to make them download an app” says Dilip Daswani, CEO, Zeebric LLC and inventor of the Qliktag solution. “Moreover, it’s a terrific way for brands to start bridging their offline presence with their digital online presence through smartphones which millions of Indian consumers carry with them as they shop and use everywhere they go.

Facebook contests and promotions has grown into huge marketing channel. Mobile contests and promotions delivered through technology like Qliktag has the potential to do the same with mobile users in the physical world” he adds.

“We have been using the Qliktag platform ourselves to create some really fun and exciting mobile contests and campaigns” says Neil Sequeira, Founder & Managing Director at Buzzfactory Interactive. “It’s astonishing how quickly you can create a mobile campaign based on a creative strategy using Qliktag and we believe it has applications that span just about any business or brand that has either physical products or a location whether it’s restaurants, showrooms, cinemas, stores, malls, airports or anywhere else people use their smartphones” he chimes. “We’re very excited to be working with Qliktag and it’s India roll out which will happen in due course since we believe mobile marketing in a market like India is one that can’t be ignored byany means. Buzzfactory is also looking to develop services around Qliktag where we’ll assist develop and execute mobile campaigns as an agency and stay closely involved in the designing of on-location collateral and everything that is needed to execute these campaigns and promotions successfully” Neil comments on the plans for Qliktag and Buzzfactory.

As work on the platform continues at this stage, Qliktag will be offered to businesses / brands or agencies on a monthly subscription model at an introductory monthly subscription fee for now through Buzzfactory on request. With a subscription a customer will be able to create up to 5 contests, campaigns or instances of mobile landing pages each month. A self-service full beta version of the platform is slated to be launched soon.

About Zeebric LLC / Qliktag

Zeebric LLC is an innovator of software working on technologies that bridge consumers & brands through mobile & technology. Headquartered in Newport Beach, Orange County, California, Zeebric’s Qliktag platform is a game changing platform for brands & consumers to interact more closely with one-another fostering stronger relationships with customers, increasing loyalty & increasing revenues.

About Buzzfactory Interactive

Buzzfactory is a 360 degree social media & digital marketing founded in Pune India in 2009 with global clientele and offices in Pune, India as well as Orange County, USA. As a pioneering digital agency Buzzfactory’s delivers consulting & execution to help clients develop a stronger digital presence based on their long term web objectives.