Timing Your Social Media Marketing Right

When we’ve sent out proposals for inbound marketing and social media presence development for B2B companies, we make it point to suggest posting and publishing either 3 or 5 days a week based on our structured solutions. The reason being, experience has made it clear if you’re spending hours developing a great blog post or content piece to publish and share on a Saturday or a Sunday, chances are it’s falling to deaf ears since activity is significantly lower on the weekends when people are not at work.

For a B2C shopping site however, it could be quite the opposite since people are more likely to be online relaxed and considering some online shopping over the weekend if the’re not out. It’s a good time to get some messages out to them and could trigger buying. Similarly, a business located in South Korea with it’s key consumers in North America are likely to be ineffective posting updates to their Facebook page during the day when their customers are fast asleep. By the time they wake up, those updates will be so far down their news updates feed, it’s like they weren’t even there.

Timing is a determining factor when it comes to how effective an inbound marketing or social media engagement is. Getting content out at the right time, sparking conversations when there is an audience to participate and not getting lost in a flood of information from others all play their parts in the effectiveness.

What we’re consistently aware off simply from experience, trial and error has now been brilliantly put into perspective in the form of an infographic by Argyle Social which plain and simply explains timing your social media marketing right! –

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