An identity we have spent nearly 5 years creating and poured several thousand man hours into building through sheer hard work and dedication. We have seen the growth of social media and digital agencies in India and around the world as a good thing. Its the birth of a digital revolution and there will be a growing demand to have the right skills and talents to spearhead this digital revolution but it sure as hell isn’t going to come from “Fake” agencies such as who use identity theft as a means to create a credible website and ride on the coat tails of a company like Buzzfactory to deceive some gullible clients they are dealing with a professional digital agency.

What are we talking about?

BS Home Page - TopjpgHere is a screenshot of the home page so far it looks like they just borrowed the theme and design but it gets worse….

BS Home Page - Second Half


Oh no they’ve copied all the content from our home page and all our solutions…except they’ve removed our mascot.

Buzzfactory Home Page

Ohh look they’ve also copied our about content on who we are as an agency….flattery???

BS Home Page - Third Section

Ahhhh that’s not all… they have copied every service offering down to the last detail and …ummm well everything else.

BS Services Menu


Alas…there’s a lot more!

But the question is would you hire an agency that:

1. Lifts content (Agencies are hired on their ability to create awesome compelling content and here is one that doesn’t do content for their own website)

2. Doesn’t realize how Google functions (Most agencies that work in the Digital space know Google penalizes duplication of content from existing sites. If you have a page published which has sentences lifted from another site, bye bye page rank)

3. Has no issues with identity theft, plagiarism and no remorse for lifting another established companies identity and passing it as their own?

It’s sad but it’s people like those behind a farce like that dupe clients and people in general creating distrust in the market which isn’t deserved because there are plenty of really talented, knowledgeable and creative interactive agencies in this country. Is this a case of – if you cant make it fake it?