Exploring A Full Time Career In Social Media & Online Marketing? Join The BuzzFactory Team

Social Media Experts as real as unicorns? Not entirely true in this day and age when social media marketing, blogging, content marketing, online publishing and the social web is rapidly challenging traditional forms of media and advertising. In fact, contrary to what others may tell you, social media is a perhaps one of the best professional spheres for creative minds to be in today and has one of the most promising career paths. Not to mention …it’s fun and beats a lot of other careers hands down!

What we need are candidates who have an existing passion for blogging, writing and creating compelling written content or love for the social web. We’d like to offer them an opportunity to take this passion and turn it into a career. What can be better than doing what you love and making a living off it right?

What we are looking for:

Graduates or post graduates in Mass Communications, PR, Journalism, Marketing Management are preferred (Although we can make an exception for someone extremely talented with plenty of relevant experience in what we do)
Exceptional writing skills, blogging ability and expression capabilities. In short anything you write needs to ooze personality and engage the reader. (Do we have to mention that the level of English and grammar skills needs to be nothing short of perfect?)

If you have your own blog and have a passion for blogging which you could share with us, you get brownie points!
Sponge-like ability to research, understand, learn and quickly become a subject matter experts on just about any business, industry or topic under the sun from web applications, software, finance, fashion, healthcare, life sciences, adventure sports, social networking, Feng-shui to the production techniques of Ninja swords if required by our clients. Our clients cover a range of business verticals both technical and non technical and we look for versatility and the ability to adapt to managing multiple accounts across topics when required.

A solid grasp / understanding of social media concepts, social networking, bookmarking and the social web in general. (Remember, simply having and account on Facebook doesn’t cut it!)
A thirst to learn each day, get better at what you already do well and truly believe in what you do
Management skills in terms of time, resources, being pro active, taking ownership and ‘seeing the bigger picture’ whether it’s our customer goals, your career path or the company’s vision. (We don’t believe in micro management so we prefer those who take responsibility, take charge of their objectives and contribute not just tasks but ideas, suggestions and other inputs