If you are 100% convinced you would like to build a long term career in Social Media Marketing and be a part of a very early start-up team, share the BuzzFactory vision and be a part of building something exciting from the ground upwards you may belong with us!

This is for a full time position. Only candidates located in Pune or willing to relocate to Pune, India may apply for this post.

Buzzfactory Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency

position: associate / analyst social media marketing

Some of the things you can expect to be doing:

Understanding the clients campaign / project requirements,


Buzzfactory Social Media & Digital Marketing Agencytheir industry, their target audiences, objectives and campaign details
Setting up a social media presence, creating accounts, developing a fan base, reaching out, networking etc.
Brainstorming around content and conversation plans, researching and coming up with ideas for highly engaging content pieces and discussions online.

Blogging and creating content for clients including presentations, graphics, pages, articles and so on.
Promoting and sharing content via social bookmarking sites and social networks like StumbleUpon, Digg, Mixx, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Posting updates to Facebook, managing Facebook presence, engaging fan communities, responding to users, growing the Facebook following and tracking insights and progress.
Actively managing Twitter accounts for clients, growing the base of followers, constantly posting updates, interacting with others via Twitter, sharing updates and more.
Managing a client presence on Linkedin, engaging specific communities and groups, sharing updates, developing a network and more.

Analyzing web traffic, results, conversions, fan base, reach and other metrics and reporting.
…and a whole lot more including plenty of learning!

what we are looking for:

Someone who is completely comfortable working in a bootstrapped start-up environment (we are a bootstrapped start-up, don’t have a fancy office space and can’t offer most of what a larger company can). If you, like us see this as a plus (there’s plenty of positives behind this) rather than a drawback, you’ll do great here!
Someone who wants to be an important part of building a really great social media agency from the ground up, shares our vision and wants to grow with us as opposed to someone that just wants this job and a salary. We look for people who are self motivated and inspired to work together and build a company together.
Social media savvy. A solid grasp / understanding of social media concepts, social networking, bookmarking and the social web in general. (Remember, simply having and account on Facebook doesn’t cut it!). You need above average proficiency with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Social Bookmarking and need to have a strong foundation in social media to apply.

Exceptional writing skills, blogging ability and expression capabilities. In short anything you write needs to ooze personality and engage the reader. (Do we have to mention that the level of English and grammar skills needs to be nothing short of perfect?)

Strong communication skills since communicating, emailing, reaching out and connecting with various people especially through writing is everything in this field.
If you have your own blog and have a passion for blogging which you could share with us, you get brownie points!
Highly creative since this work calls for thinking outside the box, coming up with great concepts, ideas and use your creative side to it’s maximum.

Technology & internet savvy since you will have to be in tune to what people are going to be using tomorrow and not what they were using yesterday in our line of work. You will be using a lot of online applications, software, web tools, plugins and more and if you’re out of your depth when it comes to comfort with different technology and applications, it could be a struggle.

Sponge-like ability to research, understand, learn and quickly become a subject matter experts on just about any business, industry or topic under the sun from web applications, software, finance, fashion, healthcare, life sciences, adventure sports, social networking, Feng-shui to the production techniques of Ninja swords if required by our clients. Our clients cover a range of business verticals both technical and non technical and we look for versatility and the ability to adapt to managing multiple accounts across topics when required.
A thirst to learn each day, get better at what you already do well and truly believe in what you do
Management skills in terms of time, resources, being pro active, taking ownership and ‘seeing the bigger picture’ whether it’s our customer goals, your career path or the company’s vision. (We don’t believe in micro management so we prefer those who take responsibility, take charge of their objectives and contribute not just tasks but ideas, suggestions and other inputs)

selection process

Any agency is built on it’s people and their talent. We would like to build a team (very slowly if need be) of the very best and build a very open culture where every single member of the team contributes, is heard and is driven to be the best they can be. Only then, can we truly build a great company in the long run. We’re extremely conscious of this fact and this makes us all the more selective in the hiring process. For us, it’s not about who has how many qualifications, worked for which companies or any of the standard criteria used in hiring processes. We’re looking for like-minded people that have a certain “it-factor” and bring passion and enthusiasm with them to work every day.

sounds like you?

Get in touch with us right away! Write to us at careers [at] buzzfactory.net

– We will get back in touch with you

– If you fit the initial criteria we’ll meet up and have an informal chat (no formal technical interviews)

– You may be asked to share some samples of work, writing or basic assignments involving social media tasks

– Confirmation – this could be quite quick or take a while depending on how quickly we’re looking in to fill this position. This opportunity will open up every couple of weeks so if you’ve been shortlisted as a finalist you get priority anytime something opens up.