How long does it take to rank your
local business in Calgary?

How long does it take to rank your local business in Calgary? This is a question that many clients try to ask and the answer that they get is usually confusing.

Actually, the answer to this question depends on the person that is asking and other many factors. So, we are going to look at five different cases that incorporate many local businesses in Calgary, and we will try to come up with the amount of time that it takes for each to rank high in search engines.

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Poorly optimized websites

The next case is about an already existing website that is poorly optimized

What can you do to improve its rankings and how long will it take?

For purpose of clarity and easy understanding

We will answer this question in two parts. As usual, the first part will involve businesses in competitive locations and the second part businesses in non-competitive locations.

Poorly optimized businesses located

In competitive areas are more likely to experience high ranking in time frame of at least three months and above. However, the maximum time period that they can take is 9 months. There are situations where it may take longer than nine months, but there are very few cases.

Poorly optimized business situated

In non-competitive areas will require a time period of between 3 to 6 months to achieve significant rankings. In some situations, the time period may be reduced to one or two months.

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