User Centric Website Design and Redesign


Today simply having an “old-school” HTML website with company information and contact details doesn’t effectively serve most purposes or support a comprehensive digital strategy. The website and web design are fundamental to being able to effectively engage users online and need to be designed keeping web user behavior and business objectives at the core of the design process and working back from there. Buzzfactory considers most people access the web from various mobile devices so web design has to be mobile responsive, modern and clean designs that keep with the time, have engaging content and copy that drives visitors towards your business goals and engages them through an interactive process rather than simply throwing information at them like a corporate brochure. We re-design websites with a fresh and strategic approach using strong technology back-end platform such as WordPress, Squarespace, Magento and more which are versatile, reduce long term ownership costs, offer scalability and are dynamic. We keep in mind search friendliness, search engine optimization as well as compatibility for Adwords as well as other long term technical considerations which set you up for online success.

Purpose in a digital strategy

Web design  / re-design lies at the very core of a successful digital presence. Your website remains the central core around which all other digital assets are layered and your web footprint built. Without a carefully re-designed website which considers multiple aspects, all other initiatives for optimization, marketing and other activity could fail. So getting this element right is the start to any well executed digital strategy.