I’ve had some incredible things happen in life and I’m sure you have too. If you look into the circumstances of these great things happen you will notice a trend. “They happened when you put yourself out there and met other people”.  You will also notice the more you put yourself out there, the more people you meet, the more paths that get crossed, the more these great things happen.

The greatest things happen when people meet or cross paths with other people. People discover something new, learn, make friends, fall in love, come across opportunities, find their careers, become more prosperous, have children and a whole lot more. And it all happens while connecting with people.

If I didn’t put my resume out there all those years ago and go out to meet companies looking for a job, I wouldn’t have landed my first job and gained the experiences I did. If I didn’t actively meet people, I wouldn’t have closed my first client for Buzzfactory back when we started and wouldn’t have a company. We could go on but I’m convinced you have to put your self out there and meet / connect with people for good things to happen in life or professionally and only wished I knew this earlier because the number of people you connect with has a direct bearing on how many opportunities come your way. Isn’t this what being social is all about?

Social people are more likely to come across more opportunities than those that avoid contact with other people. Those who more people know about and talk about are more likely to land more opportunities than those that fly under the radar. Sit in a room, close the door and live there…not much going to happen for you. Get out, connect, meet people, discuss, talk, publish, share and all of a sudden there are developments happening and more good things coming your way.

When people ask us what’s the value of doing all this blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, communities and all this ‘social stuff’ you guys do?. The answer lies in the fact all that “The greatest things can happen when people meet, cross paths or connect with other people“. That’s precisely what we work hard towards doing for our clients…meeting, crossing paths or connecting with more people so great things can happen for them.