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The Future Of Social Media Marketing – Where Mobile Meets Social

May 9th, 2013
Buzzfactory Team

At the Buzzfactory India office with Dilip Daswani, CEO at Zeebric (right)

This week has been an action packed one for us at the Buzzfactory office and we had a demo for what could well be the future of social media marketing consumer product marketing for mobile / smartphone carrying consumer.

We had Mr. Dilip Daswani Founder & CEO of Zeebric visit the Buzzfactory offices and were fortunate enough to get an early glimpse into the Qliktag solution & mobile brand engagement platform which had us on the edge of our seat thinking about the possibilities an innovative technology platform like this opens up to taking social media campaigns right to the store shelves! From the user point of view, we simply took our smartphones, scanned a QR code (or tapped a product label with an NFC enabled Samsung S3) placed on a jacket and a completely customized product specific page for that very jacket popped up on the smartphone browser screen.

Qliktag mobile brand engagement

The page had an image of the jacket, detailed product information, a video on the designer and a contest registration tab with a “share to Facebook option”. As a social media marketing firm we’re accustomed to conceptualizing and executing brand contests and promotions on Facebook, Twitter or social networks but being able to deliver a contest or promotion right to a smartphone on the ground right when you’re standing in front of the product…that opens a new world of possibilities! The Qliktag platform is remarkable in so many different ways in terms of giving brands a platform to connect directly with buyers of their products one-to-one, being able to gather buyer insights as they shop, enabling brands to build and deliver highly customized experiences for each individual product to customers and more. However, from a social media brand marketing perspective, the ability to use a platform like this to create social contests and promotions at the point of sale / store / post purchase gives brands the power to “engage” when it matters the most – when the product and customer are in proximity.

Imagine walking into an electronics store, scanning / tapping a tag placed on a high end home theater system with your mobile phone for a chance to win it. Your contest form appears on your mobile, you can listen to audio samples, answer a question and you’re registered as a contestant. Social media has brought brands and buyers to interact more closely with eachother over the last few years but club the mobile connect component which uses products to connect brands and their customers and this could well be the next evolutionary step for brand engagement via smartphones! Contests, promotions, sharing, interactions and more not just while you’re browsing or online…but when you’re out shopping, evaluating products in a store or just bought something.

When social media meets mobile like this, you brand engagement is heading towards some exciting times!

Future of Social Media Marketing



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  • This sounds fascinating. I would love to see how you use it in social campaigns.

  • Priya…it definitely will be! Qliktag is still currently in beta at the moment and open exclusively to beta customers for now but we can’t wait to structure campaigns which can be launched in stores using Qliktag as soon as it’s launched as Saas.