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The Dynamics Of Social Media Marketing Change Faster Than Mindsets Change Is The Only Constant In The Social Web – Embrace It Or Die Trying It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. If you’re one to keep up with the every changing world of the web and marketing online you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. Social media and digital marketing has made major strides from being a sideline “fad” that some businesses dabbled with 6-8 years ago into a more mainstream...
Being Social Vs Being Social With Intent You don’t always need a digital marking agency or social media professionals to manage your social media activity. It’s not rocket science and you don’t have to “know social media” in order to use it. You have to “be social”, converse, communicate, share just as you would in a room full of people and it’s a natural human process that has simply found a technology enabled new medium.
- Create a Facebook page - Blog 3 days a week -Spend 32.6% of your budget on Google Adwords -Spend 21 percent of your budget on content marketing If there were one fixed recipe for online marketing success that stated the perfect blend of activity, medium, budget or things to do, we would all be as well known as Google, Facebook, Amazon or Youtube.
Customer: How will you achieve this? Marketing Agency 1: We’ll develop an engagement gradually by actively participating in social media conversation, publishing content, sharing and developing an all round presence to drive inbound traffic. Marketing Agency 2: Don’t worry about it, we’re experts in SEO techniques, we’ll deliver 1000’s of links, guaranteed traffic and you will have quick results.
A couple of years ago when we launched there were a smaller number of competitors both globally as well as locally. We were not positioning ourselves as a social media agency or a social media marketing company back then, we were simply a content marketing / inbound marketing team using our skills at creating and marketing great content to drive audiences for our customers.
What on earth is he talking about??? That’s contrary to every article on SEO and traffic building I’ve read till date! The problem is many people who are charged with the task of turning their website into a successful marketing channel take these two metrics and set them as their primary objectives losing sight of the big picture.
National Geographic magazine has always pulled in readers who have the explorer instinct. Popular Mechanics has managed to retain its fan followings through the decades. Cosmopolitan gets picked off the stands by today’s women fresh off the press and Playboy….well let’s just say has managed to strike a note with men world wide. The point is, each of these publications has used the power of great content to engage a...
Happy Birthday BuzzFactory! A mood of celebration is set to take over here this weekend and why not? We finally turn one year old! It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s been just one year since we signed on our very first customer. So much has happened so quickly since it’s been one great first year and we’re going into the next one with a promising start and a lot...