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If it’s immediate results you require a paid digital marketing campaign will complement your organic online marketing and social media engagement efforts. Online advertising or digital marketing campaigns offer a quick way to tap into existing traffic networks, get attention, drive clicks and traffic and leads. Paid marketing via PPC campaigns and search marketing campaigns can be highly effective for certain internet marketing strategies and offer rapid and measurable results if that is a priority.

BuzzFactory can work with you to research, structure, configure manage and optimize ongoing PPC and SEM campaigns whether you would like to use them exclusively or along with an organic social media marketing plan.

Google Adwords Campaign Management

google adwords

We are a Google Engage partner agency following their guidelines for effectively managing Google Adwords campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads Campaign Management

linkedin ads

LinkedIn Ads paid marketing campaigns can be highly effective in generating leads especially in the B2B context where the revenue addition per lead generated and converted can far outweigh the cost per acquisition of a lead via this leading professional social network.

facebook-ads campaign management


facebook ads

Facebook Ads campaigns have been highly cost effective for certain brands especially B2C. With the ability to target very specific parameters and a vast user base, Facebook can be a great advertising platform and we’re here to guide you.


Please request for a quote. These campaigns are largely based on your specific budget. Charges are not linked to your advertising spend budget but rather the complexity of your requirements and the time that will need to be allocated towards managing them daily.


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