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Social Media 101 – You can’t bag the business, if you are not Linked In

July 24th, 2012

The concept of networking has evolved over the years. Companies spend huge amounts of money sending executives to expensive seminars and conferences to learn and more importantly network with other professionals and business owners. The right connections with the right people, is a crucial pre-requisite to building a successful business. Although, it takes time, money and effort to attend these events and interact with prospects, companies invest in being present at events which could generate opportunities.   Just sitting in an event and being passive does not produce results, one must be the exact opposite i.e. active and present. Similarly, social media networking thrives on the same base. Lets discuss.

Before we get to the advantages of social media networking here are some stats that highlight the importance of a social media engagement :-

It is clear that marketers have re-routed their strategies keeping social media in mind. It has been gradually understood that being online, is more than just being connected. It is more about being present and engaged on social networks.

Infact we will take a step further and even say that when you log off, you are simultaneously cutting yourself off from an entire network, a SOCIAL network of people. Your presence online determines the online visibility you choose to create for your Business. Think if it as a 24 x 7 gigantic conference where all your peers, target customers and stakeholders are constantly participating and your presence there makes all the difference.

If you’re not actively listening to conversations within those networks, communities and online groups, if you’re not participating by sharing, commenting, discussing, answering or conversing regularly within these active social networks, then it’s just like not turning up for an event. You can’t expect people to come up to you and talk to you about an opportunity if you’re not in the room. Likewise you can’t expect to generate opportunities online for your business when you take a back seat and don’t proactively participate on social networks.

The more actively you participate in discussions and groups online whether its on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or niche communities, the more visible you become within that community and you will be amazed how responses and business opportunities can come your way as you put yourself out there consistently. Makes us think why spend large amounts of money on conferences and seminars when you can have it all ONLINE with real people and discussions. Welcome to the New Age.

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