Mobile First Web Experience and Mobile Engagement Buzzfactory


In 2014, the number of people who access the internet via mobile devices exceeded the number of PC and laptop users marking in a shift in the online world. This is growing with each passing year and turning into a high priority opportunity for organizations to look into. With over 1.75 billion smartphones in use today, a mobile first approach to your web presence is not only good for business, it’s critical. The mobile web needs a completely fresh approach & understanding of mobile user behavior. Mobile-first is key to success online. At Buzzfactory we’re seep into the cutting edge of mobile engagement for brands and businesses. Through our relationship with our parent company Qliktag Software Inc. we’ve been building mobile technologies for brands and customer engagement which are at the edge of innovation and merging the physical world customer experiences with the digital world of information and engagement and use this to develop highly creative and unique mobile experiences for some of the top brands and companies in the world. Whether you’re looking to design an exclusive mobile-first web experience for your customers or launch a creative mobile engagement campaign out in your stores, retail markets or offices, Buzzfactory has experience with mobile trigger technologies, near field communications, proximity marketing solutions for mobile and more to deploy a creative mobile solution which goes beyond the “build a mobile app” approach most agencies would offer.

Purpose in a digital strategy

To cater exclusively to the massive and growing base of users around the world who are equipped with an internet enabled smartphone and use it to look up information, search, interact with things around them and influence their purchase decisions.