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Getting Traffic But No Conversions – The Achilles Heel Of Online Success

August 16th, 2013

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“We’re doing social media, we’re spending on PPC campaigns, Google Adwords, content marketing, SEO and everything possible! And yet, we haven’t generated any leads, sales, conversions or anything to justify the time and effort spent!! Sure, we’re increasing traffic for the website but nothing is coming through!”

How many can relate to this scenario? Right, we’ve seen this trend time and again where an organization has pulled out all the stops to implement a full on social media, content marketing and digital marketing campaign to either generate leads or step up online sales through the website and despite a clear increase in website visitors, little or none of it translates to success. This is effectively a case of bringing in a whole lot of fish with the right bait, but they won’t bite. More often than not, we’ve seen the issue lies in the website which simply doesn’t do the job once visitors have landed on it. So if you’re planning an online outreach and marketing effort, the right place to begin is by studying the user experience & visitor flow of your website.

Older websites designed to provide information but not designed to engage a visitor have particularly archaic layouts which results in loss of opportunities. There are several reasons a perfectly qualified visitor could bounce (leave the site in a matter of seconds) and fail to convert some of the common ones being:

responsive website design re design

Whatever, the issues, it’s essential to know them and have a website designed or re-designed which is strategically developed keeping in mind how the average user behaves once landing on the site before beginning any online marketing activity. To begin with ask yourself:

A website could be feature loaded technically brilliant and yet practically rubbish from the user experience perspective. It could be visually stunning and yet communicate zilch about why the visitor should pick you over anyone else. It could have super design and well done content but fail simply because technically and structurally there are major flaws which prevent it from succeeding. Online success begins and ends with the website so if you launch your marketing with a flawed platform to begin with, it won’t work no matter how good your efforts are. It’s like being set up to fail.

So before you launch an online outreach campaign or if you find your efforts are creating an increase in visitors but not translating into success, take a step back and have a look at the website. Is it delivering on all fronts? Can it be re designed to create a better user experience? A website that is designed right will deliver with minimal traffic. One that is not can be the Achilles heel of your efforts to succeed online.

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