Digital Marketing - Buzzfactory


Our digital marketing solutions tap into the reach aspect of the digital medium and leverage activities from managing paid digital advertising campaigns, media buying, social media distribution and sharing, search engine optimization. email nurturing campaigns and web analytics to ensure every action and element of the overall effort is measured, reported and re-hashed to improve results. Based on the goals, timelines and budgets, we work with you to propose the most effective channels and drive the execution aspect of each effort. Whether you want to reach out to people, create awareness, improve visitor flow or turn your website into a lead generation machine which brings your customers to you, the digital marketing services can be fine tuned, customized and will help you get there!

Purpose in a digital strategy

Digital marketing activities are essential to tapping into the reach of the digital web, pushing messages and content, organically pulling targeted visitors through search and setting the stage for conversions into leads, sales or online goals.