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Content specialists are more than just writers!

March 26th, 2013

The buzzword around every digital agency is content! Nothing sells and nothing moves if you don’t have good or great content. It is a common belief too that great content actually means just the words that you see spewn across the Web.

However, as the web has evolved so has the idea of content. The textual script has grown its skin and bones and now presents itself in many different forms. Although we do tend to spend a lot of time on the Internet, the attention span is quite less per page. Not everyone reads every word of what you have written / published. Blogs have changed form and along with interesting textual content also include tonnes of media. Right from a video, or a podcast, infographic.

In the mad mad rush of getting customers, getting views for your page and keeping them engaged, the kind of content you publish also makes a lot of difference. An average content writer now no longer is supposed to be eloquent with words only but should also have more skills to integrate good content with great presentation. To capitalise on the short attention span of the average user the key message of what you intend to publish needs to be supported by good content and presented in a great manner to lead to any effect.

Internet is now changed to a visually enticing media, with PC’s shrunk to size of laptops, tablets and smart phones and connectivity at anytime, it has become that much more difficult to grab the attention of the user. So although free content publishing platforms are open and available for all, it is that much more tedious to develop and groom a dedicated readership. Often is a case when great content lies wasted because it was not presented in a more user friendly manner.

Thus for web publishing, the job of  content writers is that much more multi-faceted, although they need to do an equivalent amount of research to verify facts, to solicit from right sources, to use their words right to get the message across. Now they have an added responsibility to present content creatively and intelligently.

Below are some examples of expressing a message visually:

Inforgraphic is a great way to disseminate essential information

Inforgraphic is a great way to disseminate essential information

Pictures always tell a great story!

Pictures always tell a great story!


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