What’s the story behind BuzzFactory?

Well it started some time back in 2007 when Founder Neil Sequeira was working with a B2B marketing firm and got involved with developing initial online traction, buzz and building audiences for newly launched web products and brands. The web is an extremely competitive and crowded space and being noticed by your target audience is a constant challenge. The Social Web is also a constantly evolving space and building a presence online while managing your reputation and engaging your target audience the right way is challenging to say the least. From his experiences, he learned:-

1. Your ability to generate and publish “targeted”, “high quality” and “useful” web content will drive your ability to engage people on the web

2. Human conversations, blogs and interactions define your online presence

3. There is no secret sauce or one right way to build a presence online

4. Consistency, persistence and “working at building your web presence” every day is what eventually results in online marketing success.

However it was this consistency and ability to work on reaching out to people every day via the social web and content marketing which seemed like the biggest challenge to most people looking to expand their online presence. “It’s just so time consuming and I wish I could work on it every day but other things get in the way….” he heard many say. So he decided….why not hand pick and build a company of the most passionate content developers, bloggers, social media lovers, search engine pros, communications experts, designers and web marketing guys to manage someone’s online presence for them? That way, businesses, websites and brands could have an expert team manage not just strategy but daily execution for them and allow them to focus on other core areas of their business and rely on a highly skilled team to execute on their objectives.

So he emptied his desk drawers, went in search of these like minded social media and web marketing junkies and set up BuzzFactory. The journey towards this vision of building the best team of guys and gals dedicated to supporting others build a presence for them on the web continues….