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“Neil joined our team to help us develop content for our website. I could not have been more pleased with the results. Not only is Neil a fantastic writer with a solid grasp of English mechanics, he’s also very creative and very good at researching a topic. The material that Neil has developed for us has been well-researched and well thought-out. I would highly recommend Neil and his company for most any copy-writing assignment. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative” March 5, 2010

– Ryan Heneise, Founder at The Small Idea Company formerly known as Art of Mission Inc

“Not only is Neil great to work with, he gets results for online marketing projects. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable & Good Value” May 21, 2010

– Chris Dumas, Marketing Executive & Entrepreneur

“It has been a pleasure to work with Neil and his team at BuzzFactory. Neil is exceptional project leader, who has an in-depth understanding of online marketing and social media. He is dedicated, sharp professional, who always brings high-quality results and valuable insights. It’s not easy to find the level of dedication, tenacity and professionalism that Neil has. I certainly recommend Neil as the marketing business consultant.” May 27, 2010

-Svetlana Zakharina, Founder & Creative Director, Yogacara Apparel

I hired BuzzFactory to help contribute content to one established site and one new site and I’ve been extremely pleased with their level of professionalism and the amazing increase in my traffic numbers, which has been significantly better than I was hoping for when I hired them.

On my established site, TodayIFoundOut.com which is a year old, within one month of hiring them, my traffic increased 52%.  It’s now been three months since I hired Buzz Factory to do work on Today I Found Out and my overall traffic increase from three months ago has been an astounding 209% thanks largely to their work.

Further, I hired them to help get a new site going better, MisconceptionJunction.com.  When I first hired them for that site, the site had been up for a month and gotten very little traffic (only about 30,000 hits over that month, with only a marginal increase day to day from the launch day).  One month later, with Buzz Factory on board, they had increased my site’s traffic 1900%, getting several of their posts to go viral on the internet.  When those viral posts died down after about two months, the net effect was still about an 800% increase over the site’s first month and with  Buzz Factory still contributing their great content, I’m very optimistic about the coming year with my websites.

– Daven Hiskey, Founder at Vacca Foedo Media & Owner of TodayIfoundOut.com + MisconceptionJunction.com

“Neil has always been a source of high quality inspiration for us at Grow VC and to our audience through our media channels. Neil is highly adjustable and experienced in various areas of operations, giving him a broad expertise to apply to his endeavors. Whatever that task at hand, he will add significant value.” January 25, 2011

-Markus Lampinen, Head of Operations, Grow VC International Limited

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