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Buzzfactory is a 360 degree social media & digital marketing agency that partners with businesses to spearhead strategy & execution of their social media & digital initiatives. Buzzfactory was founded in 2009 back when the social media revolution was in it's early days and currently operates from it's offices in Newport Beach, California USA & Pune, India working with clients across the world. The digital medium which includes the social web, web technology, communities, platforms, content networks, mobile devices and more is an ever evolving complex medium. For businesses today, with over a billion people connected online and their interactions driven by this digital realm, getting it right when it comes to their online presence, communications and business objectives is critical to their future and that requires reliable expertise, unique skillsets, rock solid capabilities, deep domain knowledge and hands-on experience which is precisely what Buzzfactory brings to the table.  
It will take a new breed of highly passionate, skilled & specialized professionals to navigate the digital realm & lead businesses in the right direction with their online goals.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Services Social media isn't just another marketing platform. It's a fundamental shift in way people communicate, share and interact. Whether you're looking to start leveraging social media to reach out or you're ready to commit to a dedicated social media marketing effort over the long term, our solutions ensure your social media presence is aligned with your business objectives. learn more
Content & Inbound Marketing
Content Strategy & Marketing Services The key to driving long term visibility, visitors, sign-ups & inbound leads lies in strategic content marketing, blogging & publishing. Results online are often driven by the quality and value of content and a strong content plan is critical. Fortunately, we're pretty darn good at this & would be more than happy to spearhead your content driven outreach efforts. learn more
SEM, PPC & Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Services If what you need is push to accompany your organic pull based online marketing, running digital marketing, performance based SEM, PPC and online advertising campaigns will drive results. Our highly experienced campaign managers will understand your objectives & structure your paid campaigns, monitor them to ensure the most bang for your buck. learn more
In-Store Mobile Activation
mobile activation solutions 70% of all purchase decisions are made standing in front of a product or shelf. The smartphone has become the single most important device connecting buyers, brands & retailers. Whether it's creative QR code, iBeacon or NFC driven in-store engagement, mobile promotion or out of the box mobile marketing campaigns, we'll conceive, plan & execute to support your mobile initiatives. learn more
360 Degree Social Media Presence
360 degree digital marketing services An integrated social media & digital presence goes beyond being on Facebook or posting the odd blog update. It's about giving your brand a presence on the web and being truly interactive.  Our structured approach & dedicated execution will help make progress across multiple channels to create an integrated online marketing effort for your business. learn more
Customized Solutions
custom We understand every business and brand is unique and a one-size fits all solution doesn't always make sense. We'll work with you to understand your specific objectives, draw up a detailed, customized proposal and structure the best solution accordingly.  Have a custom requirement the BuzzFactory team can help with? We're waiting to hear how we can help. learn more

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